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Pretty neat, really charming simple visuals. Are you sure each seed is beatable? Seems like it’s really easy to screw yourself, especially with the reliance on random items from dungeons. Not much of a fan of that particular aspect, especially since the design doesn’t really give you a way to unstuck yourself (since for instance you can’t weaken a strong enemy by attacking it multiple times, you just can’t engage it).

I like the concept, but I don’t really understand how “deterministic puzzle combat” and “random dungeon loot” are supposed to fit together… Seems a bit like a cursed problem (search GDC cursed problems on youtube). If you knew the possible rewards before entering a dungeon, you could more easily chart a path and avoid a good few screwups.

Very nice game, but i think full mouse support (movement using mouse, clicking OK, etc.) shall be a great addition. Right now it is quite cumbersome to use both mouse and keyboard.

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EDIT: as of now, the game has full mouse support, including for movement.


Mouse movement is already in the game and can be enabled from the settings menu, but it's a bit rudimentary at the moment.

Menus and everything else are all fully mouse compatible.

Is Mac build still behind a version from Windows?

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The 2 builds are the same version. The higher version number on windows is by accident.

Hey ok. I tried on 10.14.6 got a damaged binary error. I think there's a way around this?

Hey I remembered this made it work

xattr -cr ~/Downloads/The\ Strongholds\ of\

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Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I'm not really in a position to pay Apple money and notarize my app at the moment. Maybe I'll do it once the game is finished and if there's enough demand. :/

Oh is that the issue? That's silly (for Apple)

Didn't manage to defeat any of the strongholds, will try again later. Good game actually, I like the visuals and simple gameplay. Since I tried Ultima IV about a year ago I understood the charisma of these really old RPGs. I'll follow the updates in case there is something interesting coming.

Thank you, glad you enjoy it :)

So far have managed to defeat two of the four strongholds as Cleric. I couldn’t find any healing, and perished as a result! Neat game, I like the deterministic combat.

Hey, glad you like it! :)

There is no healing, this is by design. You're supposed to use defense items and conserve your life points.

Aha, so it’s a resource you need to cautiously spend over all 4 days. I like that design. I will keep my eyes peeled for a Mac build : )